Your mobile life is multi-dimensional—it's your connection to the who, what, where and when of your world. That's why you need multi-dimensional protection to keep you connected. 3D protection, to be exact, for your Device, Data and your iDentity. You won't get that with old school cell phone insurance. To protect your connectivity, you've got to have a ProtectCELL Protection Plan.
  • iPhone Protection: iPhones have many functions. Floating isn't one of them. If that theory ever gets tested, ProtectCELL will be there to make it right. The same goes for your personal info and identity if they ever take a dive.
  • Smartphone Plans: Is it a smartphone or a crash test dummy? After X amount of blows, it may end up more dummy than smart. ProtectCELL will be there to make it right. The same goes for your pummeled personal info and identity.
  • iPad & Tablet Protection: It's the most tragic story to hit your iPad. It's not a literary download, but a drop, spill or malfunction. ProtectCELL will be there to make it right. Same story for your personal info and identity.
  • Data Protection: It took you years to figure out who you are but just a few moments for someone else to steal your identity. With ProtectCELL DATA, a LifeLock® specialist quickly works to restore your identity. You'll also be able to back up contacts, texts, pictures and music. Plus, remotely locate, lock and erase your device.
  • Buyback Protection: Nobody gives it away when you buy it, so why should you give it away when you sell it back? ProtectCELL BUYBACK will pay you up to 50% of your existing phone's full retail value within 12 months of purchase and up to 25% within 13-24 months of purchase! Which means, suddenly, the coolest new device doesn't seem so expensive after all. Because your trade-in can offset the sticker price and put the latest and greatest in your hands for a lot less. Did you hear that? Yes, "cha-ching" is definitely in the air.

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